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My Story

I decided to change my life one weekend.

I was visiting my daughter in Austin. Days walking around downtown in the pouring rain may have been a turnoff for some, but I felt inexplicably drawn to the city. The suburbs of Atlanta had been our home for 20 years. But now, with one daughter working in Texas and the other in college, the house seemed empty. It felt like I was going in circles, just waiting for someone to ask for my help with something. Anything.

So I got home from that weekend trip to Austin, called my daughter at school, and told her she no longer lived in Georgia. That oversized house was on the market the next day, and the adventure began.


Along with the adventure came the anxiety, the fear I had made a mistake. But using the skills I had learned from my life coaching training, I took one step at a time -- through the awkwardness, through the unknown -- until, a year later, sipping coffee in my apartment, I sat back and thought I love my new life.

What I learned in the process

Instead of listening to the negative voices, I moved forward, and the outcome was more than I could have dreamed! I met wonderful people. I engaged in my community and began learning new skills. I became a board member for ICF Austin.


Most importantly, I realized the significance of being a positive role model for the people around me, demonstrating that even though new things are scary, we should do them anyway. 

Why coaching?

While getting my master’s degree, I was introduced to coaching. I loved the idea of having someone to talk with who would really listen and help you figure out your next steps. It is now my life's purpose to fill this role for my clients because I've been there. I want you to step into the fulfilling life you've always wanted. 

I believe people are resourceful, creative, whole, and capable of solving their own situations. I believe we're capable of speaking our minds, becoming confident leaders, and living rewarding lives. And just like an athlete would hire a coach to reach their goals, personal coaches can provide the same support for whatever goal you have your heart set on.

It's time to get out of your comfort zone! Let's get started!


Susan Warner

Tel: 770-597-6673

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